Modular as well as automated product packaging line for medical tool products!

Automation has actually led the entire medical device market on an exciting trip. Elos Medtech in Denmark works hard to come to be an automatic factory and also constantly starts and also completes jobs in automation. One of our efforts has actually been to develop a modular and automated product packaging line to secure highest possible item top quality as well as rise manufacturing effectiveness. After two years of intense advancement, the line is now up and running.

Efforts to meet the demands of tomorrow’s medical device market!
Customers on the global medical device market are demanding greater production effectiveness, much better accuracy, greatest item high quality and traceability to the smallest part. One way to attain this is by adding automation to the processes of medical gadget manufacturing. With Elos Medtech’s principle The Automated Manufacturing facility, we have actually extremely focused on optimization, automation and also robotics considering that 2012. Among our ongoing jobs during this moment has been to create an automatic and also modular production line. Our proof of principle caused a packaging line for prosthetic products for implants that are packed in sore bundles.

Producing a better operating environment with automation as well as robotics!
Up up until just recently, we loaded our prosthetic products for implants one by one with tweezers, in clean areas, using masks and handwear covers. This procedure required unnecessarily lengthy manufacturing time and tedious work tasks. To enhance production effectiveness and also develop a better working environment for our employees we started considering alternate options.

Having 300 various kinds of packages, it was not feasible to buy one equipment that might load all variants. So, instead of having to buy numerous various makers, we started developing our very own modular system. By making the system modular we can use it for packing lots of types of items, but also for totally various purposes such as setting up or recognition of products. The driver must be able to conveniently change setups as well as devices of the system as well as therefore change to an additional location of application.

A modular system to pack, assemble and also confirm clinical gadgets!
Our technological team began collaborating with the concept 5 years back, back in 2016, as well as the machine has actually currently been up and running for a few weeks. When it comes to now, the equipment is adjusted to pack prosthetic items for two sorts of implants.

The process begins with the driver preparing the product packaging line with documents, blister packs as well as items to be packaged prior to checking the work order. The system will immediately make sure that the matching production program is established correctly. It likewise regulates that the right elements and substances are offered in the standard fixtures which the manufacturing cell holds the appropriate temperature level. After that, the equipment will load the products while accumulating information regarding the process, which is then offered to the driver whenever required. This info consists of, as an example, manufacturing time, the number of items that have actually been loaded as well as if any type of item is harmed or rejected for some reason.

A system developed from scratch by Elos Medtech’s technological team!
Due to the fact that the entire system is developed to be dynamically interchangeable, we are constantly working to expand its capacities past packaging. Elos Medtech’s technical group has developed and programmed the entire system from its very first line of code. This is very important given that we can do all modifications and also improvements by ourselves and also it makes the process of adding capability much smoother.

Moving in the direction of a fully automated manufacturing process!
By using automation to put together, pack and also validate our products we can supply our customers an extra trustworthy and efficient production process. Additionally, our monitoring and also control of the system improve the traceability and high quality of our items. When we eliminate the process of packing items by hand, our manufacturing high quality comes to be more regular as well as we enhance the working problems for our employees.

The advancement of this particular maker is simply one part of every little thing that is being made via our concept The Automated Factory. We are relocating towards a production line where few parts are touched by humans. Devices will certainly do the repeatable and hefty labor tasks while our workers utilize their proficiencies for sustaining development as well as progression. The technical group cooperates with device operators and factory workers to recognize locations for improvement as well as execute these. By doing this, we will continue to establish our services as well as satisfy the ever greater demands of tomorrow’s worldwide clinical tool market.

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