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Newcastle Confectionery & Packaging offer a fantastic range of Chocolate products in bulk including chocolate bars, Smarties, and bulk chocolates by the KG.

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Newcastle Confectionery & Packaging Melbourne.


Sweet Treats at Wholesale Prices Your Local Newcastle Lolly & Snackfoods Wholesalers


We are open to the public for lollies, chocolates, candy, snack foods, and packaging at wholesale prices!!

What we offer?

Lollies, confectionary, novelty, mints and gum, snackfood, catering/tearoom, school & sporting canteen, wedding lollies & chocolates.


What People Are Saying

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"Friendly staff and quality affordable products. I like buying from them. There collection are very good."

Philip Watson
"Their prices are always competitive and they are so helpful whenever we go in. They are also good at packaging."
Emma Roberts

"Never had an issue with anything, price reasonable, and staff highly helpful and polite. Super Shop."

Olivia Spencer

Our Candy Canes, Chocolates & Lollies

Quality is always ensured in our Confectionary and Packaging Melbourne. 


Bulk Chocolate By KG

Offering Yummy Chocolates In Bulk. Buy delicious chocolates.

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Candy Canes

Shop candy canes from our online candy store. We carry a variety of regular and mini candy canes, available in bulk

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Bulk Lollies By KG

Get the offer, buy bulk lollies by kg. We are providing the best and delicious collection. 

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    Newcastle Confectionary & Packaging

sImportant note:

This business is currently closed for renovations.

Old Address

26 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead NSW 2290, Australia

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